beauitful woman in raw cotton hammock maria canta
beauitful woman in raw cotton hammock maria canta
raw cotton hammock maria canta
older white man in raw cotton hammock maria canta

The Raw Cotton Hammock

$120.00 USD

Raw cotton woven fabrics are elegant in their simplicity. When used in home decor, raw cotton fabrics are easy to incorporate with all colors and styles. These classics also brighten the space, as their light color reflects natural light. We're in love with these beautiful hammocks and we know you will fall for them too.

Not sure where to begin in your hammocking journey? Search no more! The Standard Hammock is a great option for anyone, period! This classic one-person sleeping hammock will even fit two people, depending on their size of course! It's perfect for one adult and a child, but we've seen two adults fit quite well. Experiment and you'll see how much it can accommodate. But don't forget common sense and always put safety first! Always hang your hammock from load baring surfaces and make sure to hang it low to the ground! Choose from a wide choice of color combinations and you'll be on your way to joyful rest! :)

MEASUREMENTS: 56" wide x 92" long (fabric area)

MATERIALS: 85% Cotton 15% Poly

CARE: If you like to enjoy your hammock outdoors, make sure to bring your hammock inside after each use. Cotton fabrics will incur damage from elements and are not meant to be left outdoors for extended periods of time!

Our woven fabrics will shrink upon washing and will expand again with use. Spot clean with mild soap as needed. Do not use bleach. Air dry.