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Photo of an elder person crafting.


Maria Canta is the fruit of an ongoing collaboration between Brazilian artisans and visual artists. We strive to preserve traditional crafts, sustain artisan communities, and share our culture.

With one foot in Brazil and another in California, we bring our #restculture to the hustle culture that has come to reign over contemporary life.

Our goals:

• To support our artisans and visual artists, most of whom are women and the sole providers for their families.

• To maintain and expand our artistic and cultural traditions and share them with people near and far.

• To invest part of our profits back in our communities by supporting causes that fight for the rights of women, LGBTQ people, Indigenous groups, and the environment.

Photo of a small dog on a blanket.

Fair Wages

Our artisans and visual artists set their prices and work hours, and the great majority work from home.

We are a brand new online shop. Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks. For any questions, you can find us at