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Body Parts Face Masks

$25.00 USD

Curator's Notes on Body Parts Face Masks: 

These fabric prints are not for the faint of heart!  Fun and provocative, you can be sure you'll be the talk of the group. Do you find yourself humming Cardi B's WAP song? We've got something for you! Looking to keep things a little more on the down low? Try our denim with vulva lined face masks and flash those vulvas at your own discretion. Cheers!

A beautiful mask for every face!

Who would have thought that the face mask would become an essential item of our daily apparel, like a shirt? But who wants to go about their lives with an ugly, bland, or dare I say it – a disposable shirt? We want our clothing to represent our individual style, and face masks should do just that. These masks, worn on your face, let your personality show just like a set of high-end sunglasses.

Disposable face masks are made of petroleum derivatives. They are terrible for the environment during the manufacturing process and are not recyclable. Look around, chances are the disposable face mask is the new cigarette butt just littering communities worldwide! Just say NO, to disposable facemasks.

Our cotton face masks are made of beautiful, high-quality quilting fabrics. The patterns are curated by me, a certifiable textile junkie, so you can be sure you'll be sporting some of the most attractive and unique masks out there. Each face mask is made one at a time in Northern California using fair labor practices and provides local artisans with a livable wage. 

Thanks to our localized manufacturing and customer feedback process our masks have been steadily built and improved upon so you can be sure you’ll be getting the best form fit and function out of your stylish masks.

CARE: My favorite way to wash my masks is to stack them in their natural folded positions, then I put them in a small mesh laundry bag, which I add to the regular wash with like colors. Lay flat to dry. For an extra touch of class (because, why not?!), the masks may be ironed. But make sure not to iron over the elastics (they will melt!), or over the vinyl details (if your masks have them). Wear, wash, and repeat!